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About Riverwalk

After a life-altering experience with a hypnotherapist, Liz Morrisroe delved into the world of hypnosis and discovered her purpose: utilizing the power of hypnosis and the energy work of Reiki to help people transform their lives, overcome obstacles, and become the person they want to be.

Riverwalk Hypnotherapy has an office in Providence, RI, and helps clients all around the country virtually through Zoom.

Liz's Journey to Hypnotherapy

A few years ago, I was at a point in my life where I felt stuck. Our four children were launched into college and beyond and my husband was happily engaged in a new job.  Our family had recently moved from Connecticut to Rhode Island and I left a very close-knit community, my business, an amazing church, meaningful volunteer work, dear friends and family, and needed some direction.  My confidence level was low and the amount of negative self-talk was high. My sister suggested that I explore hypnosis so I decided to give it a try.  After completing two sessions with a certified hypnotherapist, I felt like a different person. The negative self-talk disappeared and I saw the world with endless possibilities and opportunities.


I am a huge believer in alternative healing modalities. I have had 2 experiences in my life that have completely altered the path I was taking. The first was when I was a patient at Hartford Hospital and was introduced to Reiki. During my session, I experienced such intense healing that I promised myself I'd learn Reiki so I could give that same gift to others. After receiving my certification I volunteered in hospitals doing Reiki with cancer patients.


The second experience that altered my path was completing hypnotherapy sessions. I experienced lasting & significant changes in my life, which led to my decision to learn more about hypnosis. After much research, I enrolled in an intensive class in Sedona taught by a highly respected instructor and author, Mary Elizabeth Raines. This class was a life-changing experience. The training and certification were intense, but I finally felt I was doing what I was meant to do: help people heal. Now, I use the powerful tool of hypnosis along with the energy work of Reiki to help people transform their lives.


I started my business and opened my office in Providence, Rhode Island. I see clients in my office and also virtually via zoom. I absolutely love what I do and am so grateful I found my way here.


More About Liz

  • Bachelor of Science,

        University of Connecticut

  • Masters in Business

        Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

  • Reiki 1 and 2 Certification

        International Center for Reiki Training

  • Reiki Master Certification

        International Center for Reiki Training                     with William Rand

  • Volunteer Reiki Work

         Hartford Hospital & The Miriam Hospital

  • Hypnotherapist Certification

        Academy for Professional Hypnosis Training

are you ready to shed limiting beliefs and create real, lasting change in your life?





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